Re: OHS-EC Requirement: Import/Export

From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Sat Aug 12 2000 - 10:10:04 PDT

I think this can be summed up pretty clearly. mbox format inmport into
XML is necessary. Later on in a future version this will be on the fly
so nobody will have to convert anything. This is all not version 1
stuff though, this is on the import side to get to XML, not the XML ->
browser that is our version 1 as I understand it.


-- Grant

* ncarroll <> [000812 01:03]:
> Speaking like an uniformed prospective user:
> How do I bring all my old email into the OHS-EC (email client)? I'm
> pretty reluctant to leave it all behind.
> How do I get my email *out* of the EC. After all, free email clients at
> Yahoo and Iname really suck, and maybe this is more of the same. What
> if I don't like your product, huh? You're not going to trick me with
> proprietary formats again, Bill Gates!
> Not so many years ago having *both* import and export was part of the
> price of admission for new products to the marketplace. MS said the hell
> with it, but they can get away with it. The OSS community meanwhile has
> so maniacally pursued interoperability that they may have forgotten it's
> not taken for granted on Main St. I don't think users have forgotten.
> Eugene's comment on this:
> This is an excellent point. Part of our design requirements is that the
> system works well with non-OHS content. In other words, we should be
> able to view e-mail without modifying the original file, meaning that
> you won't have problems viewing the e-mail with regular browsers, and
> that the system will work with e-mail from other systems.
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