funding and volunteer efforts

From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 11:27:12 PDT

A lot of people wanted to talk about funding again at last Thursday's
meeting, and I have a couple of thoughts on this. If people want to start
a separate working group to discuss funding, and Doug is interested in
this, I think that's fine. However, what's really needed is not new
ideas, but volunteer effort and real, not random, connections.

Doug and Pat have been pursuing good connections for funding
possibilities, and many of these look promising. However, we have to be
realistic as to what kind of funding we're going to get, at least at these
initial stages, and how long it will take.

The best thing that we all can do to increase our chances for any kind of
funding is to keep working on the OHS. That not only includes coding
and design work, but also doing things like building and maintaining the
web site, writing documentation, etc.


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