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Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 16:00:06 PDT

Eugene Eric Kim wrote:

> My recommendation would be, instead of arguing about whether or not we
> should assume, say, fully compliant CSS Level 1 browsers, start by mocking
> up sample user interfaces and views. These could be done in PhotoShop or
> in HTML or in XHTML or whatever, just as long as we all can get a visual
> idea of what you're proposing.
> These mockups can then serve as the centerpiece for discussing other
> system specifications, like what level of minimal browser support we will
> need for this first revision. This approach also potentially gives us the
> best of both worlds. For example, suppose Joe develops a really cool
> UI that requires Mozilla, while Nicholas develops a really cool UI that
> supports Netscape/IE 4. Because of our architecture, we can retain both
> set of UIs as part of our system, and send the appropriate UI based on the
> user's browser.

Well, said, o wise one. Smart architecture accommodates many things.
And anyway Doug said he already learned that one interface does
not serve all.

As to specific interface designs, I'm waiting to see a bit more of
Augment. Humiliating though it might be, Doug may have most of the
answers already.



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