Re: community etiquette and this mailing list

From: ncarroll (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 16:10:49 PDT

Eugene Eric Kim wrote:
> I wanted to make some quick comments on how this list should be used and
> ways in which we can become more efficient as a group.
> At last Thursday's meeting, we talked about what should be considered on
> and off topic for this mailing list. Some people proposed that we move
> discussion of process and other non-technical issues to other mailing
> lists. I was quick to shut down that idea, suggesting that because our
> community was small, it was better to start with this list and move from
> there.

If I understood Doug's after-meeting comment correctly, he thought
more lists were desirable and inevitable, sooner rather than later.

More lists would sure take a load off my email box in the morning.
What I know or need to know about funding, for example, would
fill a thimble.



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