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From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 18:28:42 PDT

Several people missed the last Augment demo that Doug did, and have
expressed a lot of interest in seeing it. So we decided to schedule a
demo again for this Thursday's meeting in Menlo Park.

I'd like to solicit some help in this area. First, does anyone have a
videocamera that you can bring to the meeting? It would be great to
record this and possibly even put it up on the net. Better yet, if anyone
has sophisticated equipment for recording the monitor activity as Doug
does the demo, we can do an even better quality video.

Second, is anyone on this list a DOS guru? Or, if not, do you know of one
you can bring to the meeting? The last time we tried doing a demo, Doug
tried to set up the DOS Augment client on an SRI machine on loan, and
couldn't do it. I suspect it's something simple, like an IRQ conflict,
but it would be great if someone went through the process of figuring out
how to install the Augment client on other machines, and documented this
process, so that Doug doesn't have to lug his machine around every time he
wants to do a demo.

Finally, bring your questions about things you'd like to see on
Augment. One of the things that Doug wants to do is come up with
effective ways of demoing Augment. There are so many things he could
show, he really wants to get people's feedback on this.

Couple of other cool items I'm trying to work out for this week's
agenda; I'll post something probably tomorrow. In the meantime, if you
have items you want to add, send me some e-mail.


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