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From: Joe D Willliams (
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 00:34:04 PDT

This time I will bring two little video cameras and my still camera.
But don't let that stop anyone else... the more the better.
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Subject: Augment items for this Thursday

> Several people missed the last Augment demo that Doug did, and have
> expressed a lot of interest in seeing it. So we decided to schedule a
> demo again for this Thursday's meeting in Menlo Park.
> I'd like to solicit some help in this area. First, does anyone have a
> videocamera that you can bring to the meeting? It would be great to
> record this and possibly even put it up on the net. Better yet, if anyone
> has sophisticated equipment for recording the monitor activity as Doug
> does the demo, we can do an even better quality video.
> Second, is anyone on this list a DOS guru? Or, if not, do you know of one
> you can bring to the meeting? The last time we tried doing a demo, Doug
> tried to set up the DOS Augment client on an SRI machine on loan, and
> couldn't do it. I suspect it's something simple, like an IRQ conflict,
> but it would be great if someone went through the process of figuring out
> how to install the Augment client on other machines, and documented this
> process, so that Doug doesn't have to lug his machine around every time he
> wants to do a demo.
> Finally, bring your questions about things you'd like to see on
> Augment. One of the things that Doug wants to do is come up with
> effective ways of demoing Augment. There are so many things he could
> show, he really wants to get people's feedback on this.
> Couple of other cool items I'm trying to work out for this week's
> agenda; I'll post something probably tomorrow. In the meantime, if you
> have items you want to add, send me some e-mail.
> -Eugene
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