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From: Joe D Willliams (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 07:57:04 PDT

Hello All,
I followed up with Joe McGlynn this morning concerning his offer to record a
demo session using the facilities. This could be a nice step
and the onetouch tools could make it much easier to produce something we
could use to demo some aspects of Dougs past and future ideas. At this point
he is planning to put together a small production to show us his overall
system capabilities so we can determine how we might use those tools to
produce an introductory program.
His offer is open and Doug's team can contact him at any time.
Best Regards,

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> My company makes software which facilitates live, instructor-lead
> We also have a product which records and synchronizes audio, video,
> PowerPoint slides and "application sharing" (running an app on a Windows
> remote controlling and view-sharing). The captured session can be
> downloaded and played in Internet Explorer using our plug-in.
> The setup to record is too bulky to bring to the Thursday meeting, but if
> Doug is interested in recording a session I would be happy to offer the
> of our studio and software. We are in San Jose, near the airport.
> Regards,
> Joe McGlynn
> VP of R&D
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> Perhaps a series of stills will be even more helpful. Properly sequenced
> augmented by captions, those can be viewed at leasure. And they are easily
> transmitted on the net.
> Best to make a bit of a storyboard first. That may be time well spent.
> Henry
> Eugene Eric Kim wrote:
> > Several people missed the last Augment demo that Doug did, and have
> > expressed a lot of interest in seeing it. So we decided to schedule a
> > demo again for this Thursday's meeting in Menlo Park.
> >
> > I'd like to solicit some help in this area. First, does anyone have a
> > videocamera that you can bring to the meeting? It would be great to
> > record this and possibly even put it up on the net. Better yet, if
> > has sophisticated equipment for recording the monitor activity as Doug
> > does the demo, we can do an even better quality video.
> >
> > -Eugene
> >
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