Re: no more meetings

From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 02:48:03 PDT

Eugene Eric Kim wrote:

> A big
> problem that we've had is that we talk about a lot of things face-to-face
> in Menlo Park, and then don't sync that information properly with the
> people not able to attend those meetings physically.

Eugene is darn tootin' right about that.

> One of the goals of
> this project is to improve our ability to collaborate online, and so it's
> time to start putting our money where our mouth's are. That means, we
> should shift the discussion as much as possible to this list, for
> starters, and eventually to the OHS, when it's capable.

As one "outsider," and one already having difficulty to sieve the wheat from
the chaff at that - and trying to do so in too little time - I hope that the
new direction will give me a second wind.

> This decision also means that this week's Augment demo is
> cancelled. However, we still want to do an Augment video, and the
> feedback I got from all of you was very helpful.

I like to reiterate the suggestion of taking still shots - some of
manipulation, but mostly screenshots - to be put on the site, properly
captioned. That may not be as "lively," but permit examination at one's


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