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From: Joe D Willliams (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 11:07:09 PDT

This is one of the first problems OHS faces, that is how to encode
email and other non-XHTML conformant documents as XML.

Standard email is relatively easy.
For ordinary HTML documents,
especially ones that don't use the DOM,
any converter must deal with markup that is
subject to user preferences,
may not be structurally complete, and
included only for formatting.

Tidy has been suggested as a sort of pre-processing tool
used by an author prior to submission to OHS.
Then Eugene's nice email->XML program could be developed to
handle HTML4->XML.

Now I am working with Grant to get a few more samples of source code so I
can better understand the structure to develop the markup. Grant and I have
contributed to showing a suggested source code markup on the zWiki.


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> Wonderful Grant,
> I need text files. You and Shinya pick a few complete modules and send
> them to me. As we discussed, I think I need to see a few more to make
> sure I understand some semantics of the source code. Then I will update
> or correct what I have placed on the zWiki and produce a web page that
> shows different Views (title, heading, outline, etc. by using an XML
> file and CSS DOM.
> I have learned a lot about XML Schema this last week and remain
> encouraged. I see that the candidate Glossary markup in the zWiki is
> very close to being Excellent. Please take a look and tell what you
> think. Perl fans will be happy to see that the XML Schema regular
> expression looks and works much like a subset of Perl 5.6 but is probly
> (just a guess) closer to Perl 6.
> Thanks again. I'll meet you on OHS-DEV.
> Best Regards,
> Joe
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> On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, ncarroll wrote:
> > While DIV tags are great labor-savers, I've also found them the path to
> > hell.
> > On ecommerce gut jobs I usually just strip them.
> Why?
> > Presently stripping stylesheets out of a big site, replacing them with
> > logic and batchfiles at the design level....
> Do you mean that you automatically generate <font> tags using batchfiles,
> rather than relying on a CSS and the browser?
> -Eugene
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