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From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 11:33:18 PDT

* Alternative Interface <> [000821 16:23]:
> Wonderful Grant,
> I need text files. You and Shinya pick a few complete modules and send
> them to me. As we discussed, I think I need to see a few more to make
> sure I understand some semantics of the source code. Then I will update
> or correct what I have placed on the zWiki and produce a web page that
> shows different Views (title, heading, outline, etc. by using an XML
> file and CSS DOM.

I am getting access to the Augment system as soon as I get dos packet
drivers to boot a machine with! No, really, anyone have any experience
with this? I do but it was awhile ago. When I get Augment access, I
can get some more samples going. Doug, can you provide a few in the
meantime of some of the documents you would like to see posted?

> I have learned a lot about XML Schema this last week and remain
> encouraged. I see that the candidate Glossary markup in the zWiki is
> very close to being Excellent. Please take a look and tell what you
> think. Perl fans will be happy to see that the XML Schema regular
> expression looks and works much like a subset of Perl 5.6 but is probly
> (just a guess) closer to Perl 6.
> Thanks again. I'll meet you on OHS-DEV.

After carefully reading the XLink and XPointer spec, I feel pretty good
about knowing what we need to do. The backlink database, by the way, in
XML terms is called a "linkbase".


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