email to XML Conversion Example 1

From: Joe D Willliams (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 19:19:13 PDT

Hello Doug,
 I am sending this in response to your question that I think was,
What happens when the e-mail writer includes some markup in the text

Now the next step is to see what happens when we convert this to message to
Then I can apply a style sheet (CSS) to it and you can see what it looks

Since I don't have the (Eugene's) email->XML conversion prog running,
I can't generate that XML file. Any volunteers?


<XHTML:a id="exp1" />This is the beginning of experiment. <XHTML:a
When</A> considering an array of candidate provisions for augmenting a
knowledge worker's <Dkrid:mark def="capability">capability</mark>
for doing his individual work, the question of skill level must be faced.
In working toward enhanced human capability, there seems to be no substitute
for the workers' skill in the utilization of their tools. That is, assuming
the best efforts of equally competent tool-system developers,
<Dkrid:mark def="performance"
the system designed to support the more-skilled workers will always provide
higher human performance than the one designed to support the less-skilled
workers</mark>. This is the end of experiment.
<XHTML:a id="3A">3A</A>

<XHTML:a href="#11"><XHTML:a id="#0" />
Embedding the Graphic Illustrations</A>

<XHTML:a id="11" />
<XHTML:a id="0304" />
<XHTML:a id="Embedding" />
<XHTML:a href="#0"> [<] </a>
Embedding the Graphic Illustrations
<DkrId:contents id=""> 11 </a>
<XHTML:a id="11A" /><XHTML:a id="0305" />For complete support of document
development, it is important to provide integrated means for developing,
viewing, and manipulating <Dkrid:mark def="graphical"
source="> graphical portrayals.
These portrayals should be
part of the working files from the very start, to be studied, passed about
mail, shared in Conferencing mode, edited, captioned, labelled, and moved
about within the document structure.</mark> Furthermore, active, relevant
links pointing to these graphical constructs would be installed in and
followed from textual passages throughout the associated set of documents
(including Mail and Journal documents).
<XHTML:a id=""> 11A </a>
<XHTML:a id="11B /><XHTML:a id="0308 />AUGMENT's architecture and file
were designed for this end, and a good bit of the associated implementation
in place.
<XHTML:a id="">11B</a>
<XHTML:a id="11C/><XHTML:a id="0306 />A graphical data structure can be
attached to any given file node, and there are basic capabilities for
studying, and modifying graphical diagrams. When formatting for a suitably
equipped photo-typesetting device, there are formatting directives to
designate the position and scale for placing these diagrams on a page. An
AUGMENT file with integrated text and graphics can thus be mapped
automatically onto a high-quality document whose pages contain both text and
line drawings.
<XHTML:a id="">11B</a>

These days, if we implement DOM, this sort of integration of text and
is a lot easier.

Thank You and Best Regards,

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