[Fwd: A Free CASE-tool for Data/Knowledge & Virtual Metadatabase Laboratory]

From: John J. Deneen (jjdeneen@ricochet.net)
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 22:41:36 PDT

attached mail follows:

The Information Base Modeling System (IBMS) is a Computer-Aided Software
Engineering (CASE) system which provides facilities for information
(data/knowledge) modeling. It is based on the Two-Stage
Entity-Relationship (TSER) Methodology by Dr. Cheng Hsu. This software
creates Oracle, ACCESS, and dbase schemas for the users as also provides
DFD and IDEF0 modeling modules.

The use of the software is free of cost as long as it is used for
educational and other non-commercial activities under the license
agreement which is contained in the on-line documents. Please e-mail any
technical questions using this form; and other enquiries, including
possible training and support, to hsuc@rpi.edu.


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