Re: [unrev-II] Towards a summary of documents

From: Khedron the Jester (
Date: Sun Nov 26 2000 - 15:28:40 PST

I'm interested in helping, and thanks to my school schedule I have a good
three weeks off for winter holidays. But I'm a bit daunted by the sheer
number of msgs in unrev-II, at least 2172 in my archive. If at least one
other person was too help me or help me bootstrap myself I would love to
take on this task. On the other hand there may be other things more suited
to my skills.

Michael Crusoe
Student at large

From: "Eugene Eric Kim" <>
> I haven't seen any volunteers regarding this, so I thought I'd throw in my
> two cents. Doing a regular summary of unrev-ii and ohs-dev would be an
> excellent exercise in knowledge management. They are already used
> effectively on a number of open source mailing lists. For example:
> This would be a tremendous way of making our list more accessible and
> meaningfully indexing our archives. I'd encourage people who are looking
> for ways to contribute to the bootstrap efforts to volunteer.
> -Eugene
> On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Jack Park wrote:
> > At today's meeting with Henry and other bootstrappers at SRI, Henry
> > the concept of a web site that, itself, would become a kind of DKR.
> > concept involves many different but interrelated ideas, including an
> > e-zine related to OHS development.
> >
> > One of the most important ideas is that of a kind of summarization of
> > many threads/themes that have passed through the Unrev2 mailing list.
> > seems that this could be handled in several ways, all of which includes
> > necessity of passionate editorial volunteers. If I recall rightly,
> > has all threads archived in hypermail (or words to that
> > effect).
> >
> > I have been asked to begin the process of solicitation of interest and
> > action in the direction of producing topical summaries. This could be
> > effort of one, lone, towering individual, or it could be a kind of
> > collaborative comprised of several towering individuals who divide up
> > territory, say, by thread, and accomplish the task.
> >
> > Given that there really does exist the framework by which the entirety
> > Doug's vision as expressed in the Unrev2 series at Stanford may become a
> > reality, let me take this opportunity to suggest that those readers of
> > post who are capable of taking on some aspect of this summarization task
> > please notify either this list <click reply, type YES, click send> or
> > forward a YES to, say, <>
or me
> > at <> .
> >
> > Profound thanks in advance.
> > Jack Park
> >
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