OHS Ontology from Augment

From: Grant Bowman (grant@suse.com)
Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 12:52:23 PST

> While hard code is definitely required to reify the results of our labours,
> I am trying to convey the need for a definition of what needs to be done,
> not how it is accomplished. I think thinking about XML syntax is *not*
> needed at this point and applying it will be a necessary process down the
> road to address certain requirements ... but not yet.
Hello Ken,

Thanks for your summary. I feel a loss for not having attended the last
few meetings, but I think I understand the concepts you present. I am
pleased you are able to participate.

The OHS is a new implementation of an older idea. I have lodged in my
mind that we can re-use some of the effort done on a particular previous
implementation. I am also biased since I work with one of the companies
trying to prove the Open Source model, SuSE.

I believe I have the tools to create an ontology, jext and graphmaker.
I think with an afternoon and the Augment manual I have (Augment,
Supporting Online Collaboration) I could whip something out from some of
the descriptions at the beginning of each section. I will give it a

We also need a way to share these files. A preferred way is to use the
wiki we set up previously at http://www.bootstrap.org:8080/OHS/OHS/, but
my URL tracking service has emailed me every fews days since Nov. 1
saying it's not enabled. Trying it right now Zope throws the error
"__getitem__" of type AttributeError after clicking on a link from the
front page. A particular page up there is what I call an "N-squared
diagram" from a previous meeting that tries to define services (nodes)
and the interfaces that connect them. Until this is up again I can post
them for HTTP access somewhere or other, like the SourceForge site.

I will let you all know when I have something to show. Though I haven't
seen him post, I hope Mark is on this list. I want to verify that this
is effective use of time compared to whatever other tasks are planned
for the OHS project proper. I have regretably been out of touch. Any
opinions/thoughts are welcome.

I hope to get a chance to meet you sometime, Ken.

Best Regards,

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