So they do want input. Maybe.

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Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 15:12:12 PST

From: Joe D Willliams <>
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Subject: Re: XML-related 2000 Activities summary


> Do w3c/oasis folks like to know what is going on with OSS
> projects,
> > or are they of a committee-centric mindset?
> >
> Well, generally, the idea is that w3c folks want to see at least
> one open and unencumbered implementation before recommendation,
> I think. This wording is a pretty good version of what I have learned
> "Where this project encounters improvements and extensions to recognized
> recommendations, it is the intent to submit these to appropriate
> standards/recommendations bodies for consideration. "

So they do want input, maybe. ?

> I know this sounds naive as hell, but Overall, the standards will help us.

Standards are good. But I like to see them pre-tested where the
rubber meets the road.



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