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From: N. C a r r o l l (
Date: Sun Jan 07 2001 - 15:53:47 PST

> And this is actually the only difficult design issue that needs to be
> resolved given this architecture: when a Node is updated, do all
> documents which reference that Node automatically get updated as well?

? I don't think there's a choice there, since many links will
inevitably be hard-coded into legacy docs. (But perhaps
you're strictly referring to OHS-conforming docs.)

> Perhaps the cleanest option is to put that question directly back on
> the user: reuse of a Node in a Document represents a commitment to the
> most recent version of that Node.

Makes sense.
(Unless one wishes to direct users to the *oldest* version!)

  Thus all CurrentPaths reference
> CurrentNodes. If I want to reuse a *particular* version of a Node,
> then I should clone the Node, creating a new CurrentNode which is
> flagged as being a copy of the versioned Node, and then make updates
> wrt. the CurrentNode.

Nodes and docs could be represented to users as a
stack of versions, for the curious or scholarly.


What if the node is gone entirely from the current version?
Just default to beginning of doc, as browsers currently
do anyway?

fwiw, w3c seems to be calling this "sub-resource error",




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