Re: Use Cases, requirements, etc. posted

From: Jack Park (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 13:15:11 PST

I got to wrestling with this one. In the Use Cases : Hyperscope section,
you have *Link Documents*. I'm not sure but I am thinking that, given that
you have the ability to create links, as suggested in the use case, you
ought to have the ability to edit or delete links as well.

About links: if they already exist, using them gets awfully easy. If they do
not already exist, then one wants to think about the old SGML Grove
paradigm: make everything (down to the character level) addressable, given
any document, legacy or otherwise. Those links would best be served from
either a link server, or some other proxy that knows how to blend links with
html on the fly.

Couple of Euros for the day.

From: Eugene Eric Kim <>
> Over the past several months, I've been collecting notes and thoughts on
> the OHS and have been gradually putting together some relevant documents.
> I was hoping to have them all up by now, but work keeps interfering. In
> the interest of having some of this stuff out there and kick-starting some
> discussion, I've posted some of this stuff:
> Up there right now are Use Cases, requirements, and scenarios that have
> been collected and discussed by this group over the past year. They're
> rough and are obviously unofficial, but hopefully, we can start discussing
> these and start developing some official stuff. I also have a short
> description of what the OHS is.

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