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From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 11:32:09 PST

Over the past several months, I've been collecting notes and thoughts on
the OHS and have been gradually putting together some relevant documents.
I was hoping to have them all up by now, but work keeps interfering. In
the interest of having some of this stuff out there and kick-starting some
discussion, I've posted some of this stuff:

Up there right now are Use Cases, requirements, and scenarios that have
been collected and discussed by this group over the past year. They're
rough and are obviously unofficial, but hopefully, we can start discussing
these and start developing some official stuff. I also have a short
description of what the OHS is.

You'll note that all of the documents have "purple" numbers, which I have
augmented somewhat. I hope that people will use these links for
discussion, as Doug has requested in the past.

I've also made the tools that I wrote to generate these documents
available at:

They're quick and dirty, but I did make an effort to document them, and
you may find them worth perusing or even using. I use them to generate
the HTML and perform a crude form of version control. I'd also welcome
feedback on the XSLT and DTD stuff posted there, as I'm definitely still
an XML novice.

Finally, I have a couple of documents that are not quite finished, which I
think contain some interesting commentary. I'll post to this list when I
have a chance to finish them up and put them on my site.


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