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From: N. C a r r o l l (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 20:41:11 PST

"Purple numbers display only one address, even though Augment documents have
between two and three addresses for each node -- the hierarchical address
(corresponding to the purple number), the statement ID (SID), and an
optional label. 2E1 (012)"

? Don't you have two right there -- the plex/node, and the sequential
paragraph number?

Anyhoe, recent playing around with node names leads me to think that
two-three names is good. Different folks will have different memory styles.

In a more specific observation: I rescind earlier doubts about remembering
long strings of numbers and letters. I recently went to bed with the thought
to look at document/ node OAD 2250,10c3, and somewhat to my surprise,
remembered the precise node in the morning.

On further poking around, I'm concluding that if one has an established
alphanumeric naming convention for a given DKR (like the OAD) -- AND an
intelligent mix of letters with the numbers, including the judicious use of
upper and lower case letters -- users will be able to remember hundreds of
nodes in their own DKRs.


Nicholas Carroll

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