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From: John J. Deneen (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 14:24:50 PST

Thanks Matt,

I'm forwarding the paper about "ActiveViews for e-Commerce" ( to the [unrev-II]
listserver for consideration since I find it's interesting and may contain some
info to trigger ideas for the OHS/DKR-HyperScope development. Lee Iverson at SRI
has recently proposed a Whiteboard session at SRI and this paper may be valuable
for others to review before we meet next Thursday (2/15/01)?

The links below are good background references for collaborating about.

   * Minimum elements of an email-based OHS


   * A Topic Map Web browser and cartographer:

   * If you want to receive and participate in discussions about the development of
     the OHS/DKR-HyperScope, you'll want to subscribe to the following mailing

To subscribe, send e-mail to with

    subscribe ohs-dev

in the body of the message. To send mail to the list, send it to

The list is archived at:

   * Other links to the "unrev-II" mail list and the Unfinished Revolution webpage,
     including the "MouseSite" about the history of the original mouse.

Lee Iverson wrote:

> Any interest in doing something on Thursday before or after Doug's
> session at SRI. It would focus on a whiteboard discussion of the
> approaches that Eric and I have taken to the repository part of the
> DKR design problem.
> BTW: Eric At the meeting I was just at, an XML guru type used
> a beautiful shorthand for a shared element in an XML document using
> standard XLink syntax.
> <Road xlink:href="#foo">
> is to be replaced with a reference to the <Road> object with
> <Road id="foo">. Cool and ridiculously simple. I don't know if this
> is part of the standard semantics as described in the XLL Spec. I'll
> have to hunt that down.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Lee Iverson SRI International
> 333 Ravenswood Ave., Menlo Park CA 94025
> (650) 859-3307

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