Re: Article on Ozzie's Groove (Was: defining what we mean by "collaboration")

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 19:35:10 PST

Hey, Bob. Grooves look pretty good (within limits, as always).
Are you subscribed to unrev? I posted a couple of reviews

Bob Weiner wrote:
> See the above URL for an active article with Ray Ozzie describing
> his view of the significance of Groove Networks' work. He brings
> up many pragmatic points about the corporate IT jungle and sometimes
> disconnected lives of Internet users that should be paid careful
> attention to in any collaborative scenarios that hope to achieve
> widespread use.
> For example, one of the reasons the web server model succeeded
> where many prior hypermedia efforts failed was because it utilized
> an existing Internet channel (telnet) and put only minimal requirements
> on people's server infrastructures. I agree with Doug Engelbart that
> high performance collaborative work will require fundamentally new
> tool and human/social infrastructures but as in every evolutionary
> process, there should be a series of rather small changes put in
> place that allow a broader population to "get their feet wet" and
> better understand why they would want to shift their work practices
> into a specific collaborative model.
> I'm new to this list but old to the Bootstrapping concepts and
> Augment/NLS model (about 11 years of background at one level or
> another studying this stuff and using related ideas in system
> models). When I have more time later this week, I'll introduce myself to
> the list and describe some areas where I hope to be of help.
> Regards,
> Bob Weiner

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