RE: Article on Ozzie's Groove (Was: defining what we mean by "collaboration")

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Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 22:09:02 PST

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Hey, Bob. Grooves look pretty good (within limits, as always).
Are you subscribed to unrev? I posted a couple of reviews

BW: No, I'm just on this list, though I can look at the archives sometime.
I like
the concepts in Groove a lot but I also saw serious issues in my brief

        Not only is the platform not an open one (e.g. their security is not
        open to inspection) but there present intent is to be the sole service
        provider for the platform which may limit the market traction somewhat.

        The outlining and other interactive tools were quite primitive, slow
        and not well thought out, even when running as a single user. I imagine
        one sees further degredation in collaborative modes. This was on a 64Meg
        RAM Windows 98 laptop bought new last year.

        They went with C++ on implementation and used hard to read symbol naming
        conventions (no underscores) making extensions much more work than they
        need to be. A better solution would have been a much better, efficient
        OO language coupled together with a higher-level but still fully general
        scripting language.

But a lot of work is going into this platform so hopefully by release 3.0,
will be quite useful. The third time is the charm in many system releases.



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