Re: Attempting to generate an OHS To Do List.

From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 01:24:36 PST

* Frode Hegland <> [010308 11:19]:
> I had a look at the OGS project and it looks good, definitively worthwhile.

I have talked with the leader Dan (Seek3r) a couple of times. He's
interested in getting up to speed on Doug's ideas. Both PHPgroupware
and OGS are interesting. According to Dan, the OGS is an XML-RPC
API. While OGS should have a reference implementation in Java, the
PHPgroupware is almost the same thing, just in PHP. I installed it and
some of the basic bundled apps are somewhat functional.

> >I tend to disagree that we need another OHS description though. I
> >understand your intent, but what we need are sales "pitches" and
> >elevator speeches.
> Absolutely!

There was more context to this. If you are particularly talking about
funding as you were, I think this is true.

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