Re: My OHS Thoughts

From: Joe D Willliams (
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 10:43:42 PST

Hi Jack,
doesn't really go anywhere useful for this.
It could be very easy to get this into zWiki.

Now I appreciate topic map much more
when I see connection with ontology editor
and other context layer applications.
Can we see some XML for XTM?
I ask because that might be a path to
more complex presentation of the mapping
than shown on the enotebook display.

defs we could add to

topic map

Thanks to you and all for showing this.

Best Regards,

Subject: My OHS Thoughts

> I have placed a document at:
> <>
> In which I begin (far from finished) the process of organizing (SDS-like) my
> thoughts (and those of others) into a coherent picture that represents my
> own highly personal view on what an OHS might look like. The paper is more
> like an outline than a full-monty design document. It's headed in that
> direction, however.

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