Re: Fw: (SeWeb) RDFSuite website announcement

From: Lee Iverson (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 11:17:51 PST

In message <01a701c0b7b8$cf2ea520$>, Jack Park writes:
>As I scan the page, I have not yet found the license. Just talks about

An open source alternative(?) call Redfoot was just announced on
freshmeat. It's a BSD license!

 "Redfoot is a framework for distributed RDF-based applications,
  written in Python. It includes an RDF database, a query API for RDF
  with numerous higher-level query functions, an RDF parser and
  serializer, a simple HTTP server providing a Web interface for
  viewing and editing RDF, and the beginnings of a peer-to-peer
  architecture for communication between different RDF
  databases. Redfoot is being developed by James Tauber and Daniel
  "eikeon" Krech."

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