Fw: Managing e-zines with JavaMail and XSLT, Part 1

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Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 11:20:04 PST


>From: Kelli Wiginton <kwigint@us.ibm.com>
>Managing e-zines with JavaMail and XSLT, Part 1
>In part one of two-part series, Benoît Marchal demonstrates how to automate
>e-mail publishing chores with Java and XML. This concrete application of
>XML and XSLT describes an e-mail newsletter (e-zine) publishing application
>that outputs both HTML and plain text e-mail messages. Six reusable code
>samples include a sample newsletter marked up in DocBook, an XSL style
>sheet to convert the DocBook sample to a custom text output, a Java text
>formatter (in the form of a SAX ContentHandler), two SAX filters, and the
>Java code that puts it all together in a multistepped transformation. (The
>next part of this article covers the JavaMail API.)
>Transforming XML into SVG tutorial: Part 2
>The first section of this tutorial showed you how to transform XML
>documents into HTML. It used a variety of XML source documents (technical
>manuals, spreadsheet data, a business letter, etc.) and converted them into
>HTML. It demonstrated the various things you can do with the XSLT and XPath
>standards. Part two of this tutorial uses the World Wide Web Consortium's
>emerging Scalable Vector Graphics format (SVG) to convert original
>documents into graphics.

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