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Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 00:40:00 PDT

* Eugene Kim <> [010413 00:18]:
> [...] I've attached it below as some food
> for thought. I'd love to get some feedback, especially from Roger, as I'm
> sure the Xanadu guys have already worked through many of the issues I
> raise.
> -Eugene
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> Link Integrity
> We want the OHS to maintain link integrity across all documents. In
> other words, once you create a link to something, it should never
> break.
> [...]

Roger, correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding of Xanadu is that
instead of managing documents in manages streams of characters.
Documents are nothing more than a set of pointers to character strings.
A new or modified document is just a new set of pointers. Sets of
pointers can be versions of one another as defined by a relation between

When Lee was talking about his holy grail (I am indeed paraphrasing) of
an electronic "parrot on his shoulder" that would record all that he
himself saw and heard as well as being smart enough to understand it
all. Added intelligence would be able to answer questions about this
data interactively on demand.

I suspect Xanadu doesn't have the version problems you describe by not
versioning documents at all.

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