RE: PLink availability/feature requests

From: Garold L. Johnson (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 07:55:29 PDT

The methodology for versioning using Purple is described here:

However, to summarize briefly:

1. Create an XML document with no IDs.
2. Run to add statement IDs and compute hierarchical IDs.
3. Publish document.
4. When editing the document, don't delete the old statement IDs. Also,
don't give new paragraphs statement IDs.
5. Run again. This will leave the old statement IDs alone, add
new ones to new paragraphs, and recompute all the hierarchical IDs.
6. Publish the new document.

[Garold L. Johnson] There was earlier discussion about maintaining the
highest SID if SIDs were deleted. Is there some reason that the highest SID
*ever* used couldn't be part of the document in the same way that the
modification date is? This would prevent one breakage mechanism.
Garold (Gary) L. Johnson
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