Re: PLink availability/feature requests - two working versions

From: Joe D Willliams (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 15:01:28 PDT

> First, a clarification in terminology. "s" in "sid" stands for
> "statement" where "Statement ID" is Augment terminology for
> a permanent ID assigned to a statement (i.e. a paragraph).

> 1. Create an XML document with no IDs.
> 2. Run to add statement IDs and compute hierarchical IDs.
> 3. Publish document.
> 4. When editing the document, don't delete the old statement IDs. Also,
> don't give new paragraphs statement IDs.
> 5. Run again. This will leave the old statement IDs alone, add
> new ones to new paragraphs, and recompute all the hierarchical IDs.
> 6. Publish the new document.

> dkr takes a "v" attribute to designate a version of a
> document.

> put in a <meta> element
> containing plink's document generation date.

> site map topic map that would act as a sort
> of online revision control system.

OK, now you two are close to having defined a
reasonably complete baseline capability and
backed it up reasonable implementations.
So now it is time for our webmaster to pick 5-8
elements of current bootstrap web site and start a
DKR on the bootstrap web site to allow navigation
within web pages.
As this develops, code sharing should occur and within
a month or so we converge to a single encoding of
this tool.
Please note that each hID and sID link should have
a unique ID. In the published markup, "hID" and "sID"
are CSS classes and ID is a unique "IDREF", so that all links
can be retrieved in a nice list, or individually
I assume that the hID and sID links are decendents
of the info item between the current hID/sID
combination and the previous hID/sID combo.
A main idea is to be able to retrieve a list of these
for use in mapping the DKR contents.

When this gets a little further along, then let's consider
how this markup might work in DKR structures that
might use other ways to display/store information than

Thank You and Best Regards,

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