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From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 05:07:50 PDT

Afterthought 2, just to be sure:

The suggestion to do journalling internally in a document and the ones replaced by
it does not mean I advocate doing away with journalling done by the system. During
the Colloquium, Doug gave examples involving components of aircraft and changes of
specifications. Clearly, a corporation building aircraft needs to impose
journalling on documents that specify components and related decision changes.

What I am suggesting is an alternative, possibly with allowance for one method of
journalling overriding the other (with "permissions" to do so).


Henry van Eyken wrote:

> Maybe somebody said this before, but just to be sure ...
> One can do the journalling of the history of a part of a document outside it,
> in a separate journal. But one can also do it inside the document.
> If I were to replace a page on the Bootstrap website, I could put an
> appropriate journalling mechanism to work within that page. Or choose not to do
> so! That journalling mechanism might be a linking to a shadow page that is a
> record of all (significant) changes made throughot the history of the document.
> This maybe more economical than keeping copes of all versions of a document on
> hand.
> As Eugene easrlier eluded to, there are documents and there are documents. The
> way one would deal with the continual updating of an ezine front page may well
> be different from dealing with versioning of a treatise. the first is not
> likely to be the kind of material that should enter a dkr, the second is.
> Hence, the the method used for journalling within a document may well different
> for a front page than for an article or for an advertisement or for dicussion
> group pages.
> An added advntage of allowing a document's author to handle the journalling is
> that it allows him to make personal decisions about his work, decisions that
> allow for both halves of his brain to function. A journalling system imposed by
> a single available technical design is perhaps too autocratic.
> Henry

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