Re: PLink availability/feature requests

From: Murray Altheim (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 05:22:38 PDT

Henry van Eyken wrote:
> Afterthought 2, just to be sure:
> The suggestion to do journalling internally in a document and the ones replaced by
> it does not mean I advocate doing away with journalling done by the system. During
> the Colloquium, Doug gave examples involving components of aircraft and changes of
> specifications. Clearly, a corporation building aircraft needs to impose
> journalling on documents that specify components and related decision changes.
> What I am suggesting is an alternative, possibly with allowance for one method of
> journalling overriding the other (with "permissions" to do so).

And of course, the best approach (as you allude) from the tool perspective
is flexibility. I'm likewise not advocating only one approach, merely one
that might be suitable for certain applications. BTW, I'm hoping to have
plink 0.9 posted in a day or so, perhaps later today. I seem to have ironed
out most of the bugs, and added several new features that seem necessary
(like being able to set a start and end ID on processing, to avoid headers
and footers, as well as customize the various significant elements). Because
this is being done on off-time (like weekends) it's taken a bit longer
than I expected. I'll certainly be interested in feedback.


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