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Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 19:59:11 PDT

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> > Well, not really. Here's a preliminary of plink: purple links. Please
> > send feedback to me at There are bugs, so beware.
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> Jeez, you get *paid* to have fun? Sun must have a budget
> for "cool hacks".

Well, I do have fun at work, but this was done over the Easter weekend
and the one following. I've got plenty to do to keep me busy at work.
Actually, our office has been talking about an alphaworks-like site
for awhile, and we've just released the SVG viewer Batik on the site, which is a "cool hack" if ever I've seen one.
plink by comparison is not that many hours of work, maybe ten or
twelve hours, plus some goofing around with the graphics. Thank
god for Xerces, which does most of the work for me.

> btw, the original Augement/NLS screens are two-color, so I'm not
> sure where the choice of purple came from. Been meaning to
> ask Doug the reason. But purple does mean "visited link", so
> I've always had a deep aversion to using it for a paragraph
> tag color.

One of the reasons I added the admonition about use of purple on the
plink home page is that having some background in accessability I'm
aware of the dangers of using color to provide meaning. I for example
have no association whatsoever with purple "meaning" visited links,
as I've *always* (since 1993) set my browser link colors to green
for unvisited links (as in "go there"), and a greyed green for visited
links (as in "been there, boring grey"). I think Microsoft used the
same colors in their help system, but I can't remember (linux user).

But I don't expect anyone else to have that same idea, which is why
plink uses an external CSS stylesheet, whereby you can alter the "plink"
class to show up in any color you like. It doesn't alter the link colors
for non-plink links.

My girlfriend just bought a purple volkswagon, so I'm at least in good
stead with her.


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