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Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 08:44:52 PDT

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> > btw, the original Augement/NLS screens are two-color, so I'm not
> > sure where the choice of purple came from. Been meaning to
> > ask Doug the reason. But purple does mean "visited link", so
> > I've always had a deep aversion to using it for a paragraph
> > tag color.
> One of the reasons I added the admonition about use of purple on the
> plink home page is that having some background in accessability I'm
> aware of the dangers of using color to provide meaning. I for example
> have no association whatsoever with purple "meaning" visited links,
> as I've *always* (since 1993) set my browser link colors to green
> for unvisited links (as in "go there"), and a greyed green for visited
> links (as in "been there, boring grey"). I think Microsoft used the
> same colors in their help system, but I can't remember (linux user).

Yeh, that's the other viable "standard" in web design, imo: the
visited link is distinctly duller than an unvisited one. I use that
pretty often on commercial web sites, when the blue/purple
scheme won't play with the rest of the site's colors.

> But I don't expect anyone else to have that same idea, which is why
> plink uses an external CSS stylesheet, whereby you can alter the "plink"
> class to show up in any color you like. It doesn't alter the link colors
> for non-plink links.

Takes care of that, then. And you wouldn't have wanted to name
it "glink" or "blink", anyway.


Nicholas Carroll

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