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From: Joe D Willliams (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 18:48:04 PDT

Murray> It'd be nice to see us figure out what we've got in front of us
> before jumping ahead into the next territory, but that's human
> nature I suppose.

How about let's work with Henry to create a dkr island on the web
using this tool. Just 8-10 best pick articles of material now available.
As this core content and basic references becomes accessible
using dkr mapping tools and browser, then links to other archives
can be established.

*Pick 8-10 of Doug's articles or favorites to start this off.
* Use this tool to apply the plinks.
* Publish this group of pages with some sort of topic map
showing links between marked fragments.
* Experiment with indexing, visualization of content, navigation, and utility.

At first the links between items are represented by simple graphs
just showing physical order in the document. With some work, links
between fragments of other documents in this group are found
and added. The graph grows when other documents are added
to this dkr domain, and more when references to outside this dkr
can be shown.

Since the markup is the very basic of XML storage and access
techniques, this simple tool is a core item in beginning to organize
a dkr. If this works, that is, if it can be used to create and maintain
a working dkr, it is a great contribution.
It is clear that every addressed entry needs to get plinked
this at least once, then maybe replinked if superceded.

Following this model at

I would add these chosen articles at the level of Learning.
I'm sure there would be opportunity to elevate some content
to Knowledge, thus maybe clarifying choices of what to work on.

I suggest starting with Doug's material because it is available,
I'm sure it will create an interesting map, and that results of
using this knowledge can be measured by us.

Thank You and Best Regards,

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