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From: Murray Altheim (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 14:46:55 PDT

Joe D Willliams wrote:
> Murray> It'd be nice to see us figure out what we've got in front of us
> > before jumping ahead into the next territory, but that's human
> > nature I suppose.
> How about let's work with Henry to create a dkr island on the web
> using this tool. Just 8-10 best pick articles of material now available.
> As this core content and basic references becomes accessible
> using dkr mapping tools and browser, then links to other archives
> can be established.

Sounds like a good start, a test-of-concept.

> I would add these chosen articles at the level of Learning.
> I'm sure there would be opportunity to elevate some content
> to Knowledge, thus maybe clarifying choices of what to work on.
> I suggest starting with Doug's material because it is available,
> I'm sure it will create an interesting map, and that results of
> using this knowledge can be measured by us.

Well, let me know if plink is suitable to the task. I've got a feature
I can add in probably about an hour to export to a separate file the
list of link targets (both plink and those originally in the document,
but kept separated). I could also easily export this same information
as Linear Topic Map (LTM) for easy creation of a topic map. I've
got an LTM parser that can do this part of the work, and I'm hopeful
that at least the binaries for this application may be made available
from Sun, based on some discussions I've had lately. There's also
the LTM tool from Ontopia's web site.


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