Re: Augmented Metadata in XHTML

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 15:10:15 PDT

Before digesting the main piece, how about some feedback
on the general strategy?

I was impressed by the possiblity of combining topic maps
with groves, to add a topification-layer without disturbing
the underlying document.

Hmmm. On the other hand, that does have a major problem when
the underlying document is updated, doesn't it?

But embedding <meta> elements in the document seems like a
pretty awful solution, too.

Drat. Anyone have any strategies for topicfication that don't
suck wind??

Murray Altheim wrote:
> Good morning everyone (kinda late at night here),
> Here's an early draft of what I hope will be submitted as a W3C Note
> at some time in the future. This augments the metadata capabilities
> of XHTML by allowing the <meta> element anywhere, then allowing it
> to contain Dublin Core Metadata Element Set content. The spec also
> describes how this can be extended to hook into topic maps and other
> thingamabobs (these later sections are a bit sketchy right now):
> Augmented Metadata in XHTML, Sun Microsystems Note
> Murray Altheim, Sean Palmer, eds., 14 June 2001.
> Feedback very welcome. There's still a few sections that are empty,
> but this is a substantial update over the first draft.
> Murray
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