Re: Augmented Metadata in XHTML

From: Murray Altheim (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 18:16:18 PDT

Eric Armstrong wrote:
> Before digesting the main piece, how about some feedback
> on the general strategy?
> I was impressed by the possiblity of combining topic maps
> with groves, to add a topification-layer without disturbing
> the underlying document.
> Hmmm. On the other hand, that does have a major problem when
> the underlying document is updated, doesn't it?

No more than any other similar strategy. Mapping any territory
is a problem when the territory is not static. I once hiked about
five miles into backcountry only to find a resort, then checked
my USGS topo map. It was last updated in 1954.

> But embedding <meta> elements in the document seems like a
> pretty awful solution, too.

And why? You're not being very explicit.
The reason why putting metadata into the document itself is IMO
a good solution is that mapping software that doesn't have access
to the author's metadata store can simply do a new scan of the
documents to obtain the *latest* metadata. If it's out of date,
that's an authoring problem. Keeping metadata that's not part of
a document current with the document is simply a matter of
matching generation or revision information. If the revision
number has changed on the document and it doesn't match the
metadata, you need an update. Absent a revision control system
or anything resembling author responsibility for such matters,
you can always checksum the thing.

> Drat. Anyone have any strategies for topicfication that don't
> suck wind??

You're a lot of help. You complain about someone else's strategy,
don't provide any reasons why is "sucks," and then ask others to
provide that for you. I don't find this particularly helpful
feedback. Please elaborate.


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