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From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 00:44:53 PDT


As I know you are already aware, work is progressing with new
collaboration technologies. I have been working with Douglas Engelbart
for the past year trying to help move forward and now develop support
resources to further the development of a system targeted at
facilitation of complex, urgent problem solving and specializing in
inter-disciplinary knowledge work.

We presently have worked out many functional parts of a system involving
XHTML, HTTP, RDF, NODAL, IBIS and CoDIAK. The system would begin as
what we call a Hyperscope and evolve into an Open Hyperdocument System.

Perhaps the issues of integration of numerous websites that are
publishing relevent data on this scale could be used as a target for us


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* Jerome C. Glenn <> [010718 15:17]: > >From Heiner: > > >Jerry if you as a bridge between GO's and NGO's worlds will help > >to moderate and steer such an effort, it will be certainly not only be > >appreciated but a real FUTURISTIC TASK. The scope of the MP > >is certainlly not onyl multi-lingual and multi-cultural - but also > >multi-scales ! the issue is how to communicate and bridge the > >items and issues. > > How to prevent a coordination of coordinators leading to no real action? > Or maybe a better question is what would MP do differently? > > >From Rubin: > > >In my view, the most pressing need is at a level above those you list; > >although it is a good list. None of the projects is trivial. The most > >basic lack is a truly effective, global network of persons and organizations > >doing serious futures and strategic foresight work. > > Gee, I sorta thought that's what the Millennium Project was making pretty > good progress at. > > >We are just finishing a 5 year process to create the infrastructure that is > >required in Canada which reflects this approach. While slow in some ways > >the results are proving the worth of our commitment to design and not just > >do. > > Excellent, I'm sure the Millennium Project Nodes would love to cooperate. > The MP feasibility study too three years, plus a one year pre-feasibility > study. > > >Of course, the first step is to test for prima facia interest and then > >design the design process. > > > >We have already had informal discussions with a dozen or so organizations > >along these lines. There is interest in doing it. We would be pleased to > >pull our weight, both in designing the process of design and then in > >undertaking it. > > > >If, helpful, I'll come to Minneapolis for your meeting. > > Were you not already planning to come the the World Future Society > conference in Minneapolis? > > Jerry Glenn > > > ----------------------------------------- > AC/UNU Millennium Project > 4421 Garrison Street, NW > Washington, DC 20016 > tel/fax: (202) 686-5179 > > > > To unsubscribe send an email to: > >

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