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Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 12:33:37 PDT

* michael gravino <> [010719 11:36]:
> the task at hand is not just a technical-layer one requiring the mixing and
> blending of XHTML, HTTP, RDF, NODAL, IBIS, CoDIAK and alike. It is one of
> taxonomies, meta-tagging protocols, global content schema, etc. Please
> refer to Reuters NewsML and the IPTC's adoption of it as a reference
> standard.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your feedback. I used a few terms I didn't expect everyone
to be fully aware of, especially on the MP mail list. You might like
this. <a href="">RDF</a> is an XML based
meta-data format, a meta-tagging protocol in a sense. <a
href="">IBIS</a> stands for Issue Based
Information System, a technology used live in meetings to create dialog
maps with a goal of shared understanding and shared commitment using a
collaborative display. I was priveledged to attend a seminar by Jeff
Conklin on this fascinating topic recently. <a
stands for concurrent Development, Integration and Application of
Knowledge and is a term that Doug has used for many years to describe
his ideas. CoDIAK is a shorthand notation that should represent all the
necessary human capabilities that are needed in knowledge work and

Technologically, <a href="">NODAL</a> is
the most interesting. It's a substructure database type format/API that
supports very advanced collaborative dialog and storage. It's a great
breakthrough for our work. Lee Iverson is it's author.

I hope this helps to clarify things a bit.

-- Grant Bowman                                   <>

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