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[ba-unrev-talk] Uncloaking Terrorist Networks

http://www.firstmonday.dk/issues/issue7_4/krebs/    (01)

"This paper looks at mapping covert networks using data available from news 
sources on the World Wide Web. Specifically, we examine the network 
surrounding the tragic events of September 11th 2001. Through public data 
we are able to map a portion of the network centered on the 19 dead 
hijackers. This map gives us some insight into the terrorist organization, 
yet it is incomplete. Suggestions for further work and research are offered"    (02)

Screenshots of a social-networks graph application. Interesting ideas, 
useful links.    (03)

XML Topic Maps: Creating and Using Topic Maps for the Web.
Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-74960-2.    (04)

http://www.nexist.org/wiki/User0Blog    (05)