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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Granular Addressability in HTML Documents - ON THE FLY

Matthew Schneider wrote:    (01)

> Doug Englebart gave us Augment and Eugene E. Kim gave us Purple. I am pleased
> to announce: PurpleSlurple (PS). The idea is the same as Purple, "granular
> addressability in HTML documents", but this solution attempts to facilitate
> and apply this functionality to documents that already exist on the Web. Purple on-the-fly as it were.    (02)

Hell, I had to look at this just because of the name. (I love it.).    (03)

Marvelous hack!!    (04)

This could be the best thing since sliced bread, *especially* if it were implemented
as a proxy. Then all of the web pages I visit would could through that proxy, and
be purplized.    (05)

   * This is basically Doug's transcoding vision, but with the server taken out
      of the picture, because the proxy is part of the client system.
   * That means URLs look identical to normal URLs, instead of being passed
      as an argument to a server.
   * Since all proxies would purplize the same, the reference my proxy generates
      would go to the indentical location in your proxy -- and unproxied browsers
      would simply ignore the anchor reference.    (06)

The one drawback to that scenario is the runtime cost of purpilizing every page as it is viewed. An alternative would be a giant google server that cached everything with purple numbers. Again, normal URLs would work -- you'd simply be looking at the world through a purple-colored lense, as it were.    (07)

Again, great hack.
Congratulations.    (08)