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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Main Advantages of WWO Technology (response to request)

ADM Staff wrote:    (01)

> Thanks for your queries below.  Without familiarization with our demo
> (which can be downloaded from www.worldwideoutline.net ), it's
> difficult to present a concise - and intelligible - response to your
> questions,    (02)

That's the chicken and egg of an educational sell -- people have to
understand that their will be advantages before they try it, but they
won't *really* understand the benefits until they use it. It took me two
years to boil down the advantages of outlining to a 30-second pitch that
got people excited. I expect you'll go through a similar learning curve.
Hopefully, this interaction gets you started in that direction. And as a
case in point, I would note that following is actually a good start....    (03)

That said, I have to say that I really do need a good reason before I
will commit the time to download, installing, and learn to use one demo
among the hundreds that are clamoring for my attention.    (04)

> ... Howerver, one could say that it will provide a magnitude greater
> ease and power in:
>      1. Creation and capture of  information of all kinds.  All
>      information, and all file types can be manipulated through,
>      viewed within, and published to the net from within a single
>      WWO client.
Hmm. At first, it seemed I could do this in my browser, too. But it
appears this is an authoring, environment, as well. So you are talking
"seamless browsing and editing capabilities" ??    (05)

>      2. Publishing and sharing information in a global system.
>      The *same* WWO client is seamlessly used to create and
>      organize information on the desktop, to interlink it with
>      previously published datastructures already online, and to
>      publish it. WWO's experimental client allows for all file
>      types to be drag-and-drop linked to its outliner topics, and
>      version 2.0 will extend this same drag and drop
>      functionality to allowing full linking of all file types to
>      the text in the internal textcards/pages.
Sounds good. This text plus a screenshot on the web site would give me a    (06)

good idea what's going on, and how it works.    (07)

>      3. Hopefully, WWO will benefit all users on the planet who
>      seek better means of organizing, accessing, and sharing
>      information.
There is your audience. Put that right up front, so it grabs people. "If
organize, access, and share information, then you'll LOVE this.."
(because...)    (08)

>       Finally, as you asked about licenses and the business
>      model, I can't go into detail here, but in general we hold
>      with Gandhi that  "True development puts first those that
>      society puts last."  So, while final decisions have not been
>      made, we will probably 1) Provide free licensing of all
>      levels of WWO related technology to a wide variety, and
>      perhaps to all, NGO's on the planet, from Green Peace to
>      women's shelters to the UN; and 2) Provide free access to
>      entry-level WWO technology to all people.   Licensing of
>      `enterprise' and `professional' level versions, and of an
>      ADM/WWO server product, will probably be sold.  (Facilities
>      for integration with other `people's products', such as
>      openoffice, may also be included.)
Cool. Personally, I am infinitely grateful to Nash for creating a
proof that true maximums are achieved only when one seeks to maximize
*both* his own good *and* the good of the whole. It's something I've
held to be true, but I never had a mathematical theory (equilibrium
to back it up before.    (09)

I am also extremely grateful to the movie,  Beautiful Mind, for
bringing it
to my attention. That movie should be required viewing for every
on the planet, and they should be required to write an essay on why it
is a
good idea, and how it applies to their company.    (010)

In otherwords, I have no objection to a company making a profit -- as
as they are doing it in a way that achieves maximum benefit to society,
well.    (011)

eric    (012)