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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] From Eric to Eric: Motives for accessing the World Wide Outline

Thanks for the clarifications.    (01)

ADM Staff wrote:    (02)

> Hi Eric,
> As you asked for slogan to motivate you to download ADM and access the
> demo for the World Wide Outline, I'll suggest "Beyond markup languages
> - The data-linking power of the web X 3!"  Of course, this slogan only
> works for people like yourself who are familiar with markup, etc.  A
> general introduction to the wwo is provided at the site.
> Thanks for your feedback below.  Judging by your comments, I failed to
> make clear in my initial email(s) that ADM is, in fact, already an
> established company.  Our product, ADM, is a super-powerful outliner
> which also provides linking of all file types, and internal display of
> urls' in its own internal browser, as well as containing its own
> internal document screens.  The kinds of marketing and promotion you
> advocate are, therefore, quite familiar to us, and if you check our
> commercial website at www.adm21.net , you'll find text similar to that
> which you picked out - only much punchier - in our ad copy.
> Technically, this is sometimes called the `unique selling proposition'
> , and its certainly present in our approach to selling ADM.  Moreover,
> we use mailing databases, which segment customers and prospective
> customers in various ways.  Part of my background is, in fact, in
> professional marketing, b! ut! I didn't expect it to be a concern in
> this venue, so didn't bother to discuss it previously.
> Finally, I urge you NOT to download ADM from the commerical site, but
> rather to do so from www.worldwideoutline.net , as the version there
> is enhanced for use on the world wide outline.   ADM is, as indicated
> above a commerical product, but the WWO is still in alpha, though you
> will find information about setting up your own o-experimental o-site
> in the exisitng demo.
> Hope the above serves to somewhat clarify matters,
> Eric
> ba-unrev-talk@bootstrap.org
> ADM Staff wrote:
> > Thanks for your queries below. Without familiarization with our demo
> > (which can be downloaded from www.worldwideoutline.net ), it's
> > difficult to present a concise - and intelligible - response to your
> > questions,
> That's the chicken and egg of an educational sell -- people have to
> understand that their will be advantages before they try it, but they
> won't *really* understand the benefits until they use it. It took me
> two
> years to boil down the advantages of outlining to a 30-second pitch
> that
> got people excited. I expect you'll go through a similar learning
> curve.
> Hopefully, this interaction gets you started in that direction. And as
> a
> case in point, I would note that following is actually a good
> start....
> That said, I have to say that I really do need a good reason before I
> will commit the time to download, installing, and learn to use one
> demo
> ! am! ong the hundreds that are clamoring for my attention.
> > ... Howerver, one could say that it will provide a magnitude greater
> > ease and power in:
> >
> > 1. Creation and capture of information of all kinds. All
> > information, and all file types can be manipulated through,
> > viewed within, and published to the net from within a single
> > WWO client.
> >
> Hmm. At first, it seemed I could do this in my browser, too. But it
> appears this is an authoring, environment, as well. So you are talking
> "seamless browsing and editing capabilities" ??
> > 2. Publishing and sharing information in a global system.
> > The *same* WWO client is seamlessly used to create and
> > organize information on the desktop, to interlink it with
> > previously published datastructures already online, and to
> > publish it. WWO's experimental client allows for all file
> > types to be drag-and-drop linked to its outliner topi! cs! , and
> > version 2.0 will extend this same drag and drop
> > functionality to allowing full linking of all file types to
> > the text in the internal textcards/pages.
> >
> Sounds good. This text plus a screenshot on the web site would give me
> a
> good idea what's going on, and how it works.
> > 3. Hopefully, WWO will benefit all users on the planet who
> > seek better means of organizing, accessing, and sharing
> > information.
> >
> There is your audience. Put that right up front, so it grabs people.
> "If
> you
> organize, access, and share information, then you'll LOVE this.."
> (because...)
> > Finally, as you asked about licenses and the business
> > model, I can't go into detail here, but in general we hold
> > with Gandhi that "True development puts first those that
> > society puts last." So, while final decisions have not been
> > made, we will probably 1) Provide free licensing of all
> > lev! el! s of WWO related technology to a wide variety, and
> > perhaps to all, NGO's on the planet, from Green Peace to
> > women's shelters to the UN; and 2) Provide free access to
> > entry-level WWO technology to all people. Licensing of
> > `enterprise' and `professional' level versions, and of an
> > ADM/WWO server product, will probably be sold. (Facilities
> > for integration with other `people's products', such as
> > openoffice, may also be included.)
> >
> Cool. Personally, I am infinitely grateful to Nash for creating a
> mathematical
> proof that true maximums are achieved only when one seeks to maximize
> *both* his own good *and* the good of the whole. It's something I've
> long
> held to be true, but I never had a mathematical theory (equilibrium
> theory)
> to back it up before.
> I am also extremely grateful to the movie,  Beautiful Mind, for
> bringing it
> to my attention. That movie should be required viewing for ev! er! y
> executive
> on the planet, and they should be required to write an essay on why it
> is a
> good idea, and how it applies to their company.
> In otherwords, I have no objection to a company making a profit -- as
> long
> as they are doing it in a way that achieves maximum benefit to
> society,
> as
> well.
> Luck.
> eric
> Advanced Data Management Systems
> Email: staff@adm21.net
> website: http://www.adm21.net
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