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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Fwd: [issues] News from Johannesburg (2)

John,    (01)

I've been hesitant to join in this thread. In part because it appears
to be a waste and in part because as far as I can tell you are a
paranoid, nationalistic, states-rights fruitcake with whom I'm
embarassed to be associated. However because I'm not sure you aren't
playing some twisted game and in the interest of collaborative
discussion instead of giving you a *plonk* I have 2 questions and a
request:      (02)

On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, John Maloney wrote:    (03)

> Meta-government defeats local and personal responsibility and
> consequence. Same is true of innovation, collaboration, community,
> computing and communications.     (04)

1) I can't parse the second sentence here. What is it that is true of
those things you list?    (05)

2) In my view the uni- or bi-lateralism that you appear to support in
international policy is antithetical to the philosophical
underpinnings of collaboration. How do you reconcile that with your
own apparently very strong interest in Engelbart's style of
collaboration or at least collaboration in general?    (06)

That style finds its philosophical foundations in the same places as
people who like to think of the world as an open, dynamic and
interdependent system where the rapacious self-interest and boundary
creation that you appear to advocate is unsustainable.     (07)

Check out the first few chapters of this book for the philosophy:    (08)

Bardini, T. (2000). Bootstrapping: Douglas Englebart Coevolution, and
        the Origins of Personal Computing. Stanford, California: Stanford
        University Press.     (09)

or for some of my own comments on such things:    (010)

  http://www.burningchrome.com/~cdent/index.cgi?word=110    (011)

The request:    (012)

If it's in your purview, can you take me off the kmcluster mailings?
I'm not interested in supporting that organization by inflating its
mailing list. Nor do I wish to receive announcements for events I'm
unable to attend.    (013)

Chris Dent  <cdent@burningchrome.com>  http://www.burningchrome.com/~cdent/
"If you assume that there is an instinct for freedom, that there are
opportunities to change things, that hope is possible, then hope may be
justified, and a better world may be built. That's your choice." N.Chomsky    (014)