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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Mozilla Rising

jack park:
>I've figured out how to take apart an OpenOffice document. It's actually a 
>zip file, not a flat document file. Inside, there are four XML files, one 
>of which is called content.xml.  With a simple script file, you can pop 
>that out, modify it as you wish, then pop it back in.  My experiment is 
>aimed at turning OpenOffice into one of the user interfaces in the 
>NexistWiki experiment.  Now, when there is seamless integration between 
>OpenOffice and Mozilla, it will be good.    (01)

I have been very pleased with openoffice, since I discovered the editor
has support for the word-style edit-tracking.  I've been using the spreadsheet
thing and it has, so far, everything I need although I haven't played with
the graphing/charting software yet.    (02)

Your mentioning that zip file type reminded me of something I have
yearned for as an archivist.  An open-source, simple, all-in-one 
browserable document type.  PDF is a good example of what I'm talking
about, where the text and images are all contained in a single file
so its easy to manage.  Compare this to an HTML document, where there
can be a dozen included images or script files which can be scattered
about like some diseased octopus.  Very awful for archive management.    (03)

The simplest idea is exactly something like you describe above, a zip
file (tar, whatever), which is recognized by the browser as an aggregate
item, has either an index file or a standardly-named file inside that it
opens as the main document, and all the images and script files are inside
the box.    (04)

I am very glad to hear that openoffice is doing something like this and
I really look forward to seeing something like this in mozilla direct support.    (05)

bcl    (06)