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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Fwd: [issues] Ockham's Razor

We're not going to agree on this. Too many diverse opinions, too many
political agendas. I could probably sit down with any one of you and have a
fine meal, but the amount of bickering here is just kinda funny. Which just
might be the unrev point...    (01)

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At 05:01 PM 9/14/02 -0700, you wrote:
>The only imperialist in the picture is the cowardly criminal Kofi Annan
>and his failed organization. Because of his phony resolutions,
>incompetence, sanctimony and feeble grasp of world events and human
>nature, things are going to get very messy in Baghdad once the weather
>cools off.
>The consequences of UN failures and negligence has yet again turned the
>world on itself. It is a shameful disgrace. It flat-out doesn't work.
>Please give us a break -- and some posts with merit.    (03)

John, I was pretty sure it's coming to this.  You simply must stop calling
people names and using combative argument structures here.    (04)

When you say: "Please give us a break and some posts with merit", who are
you talking to?    (05)

Yourself?    (06)

The problem is this: you read things the way you want to read them, then
you fire back.  You have attacked me personally enough times that it's
enormously entertaining now. Particularly when I toss in a "bone" you like
and you thank me for the post.  You simply don't understand that this is a
forum where the issues Douglas Engelbart brought up are open for discussion
-- reasoned discussion, not the name-calling diatribes you toss out.    (07)

I really wonder how members of your knowledge management tribe are going to
appreciate finding out that their leader isn't capable of carrying on civil
discourse in public places.    (08)

If you must put sentences here that embarrass the some of us in public,
such as the reference you made to Kofi Annan, then I think it will be time
to ask you to leave this forum once and forever. It's not that your
underlying viewpoints are objectionable, for they are not. It's just your
total lack of ability to put forth a civil response in an otherwise honest
forum.    (09)

Jack Park    (010)