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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Fwd: [issues] Ockham's Razor

Peter Jones wrote:
> With respect, I think it is no longer possible to divorce discussion of
> augmentation from discussion of the social relations into which it is bound. The
> biggest complex, urgent problem on offer is to work out how to take our
> collective foot off the accelerator pedal of obsession with capital
> accumulation.
I'm inclined to agree completely, on this point. Doing so would create
an immediate reduction in stress -- both on individuals and the
environment.     (01)

Interestingly, this morning I was reading a small article in NewsWeek
from a few weeks ago, talking about people who quite fast-paced
jobs for "summer jobs".    (02)

The fellow it was about had left a career and ulcers behind to work
mornings making salads. He'd make about $75, and spend the afternoon
at the beach. Got to wear a coyboy hat to work, and a grin on his
face as big as all outdoors.    (03)

So there is movement in that direction. The time is right.
So: Without calling you lame-brained, pea-headed, son of a skunk
with no more sense than god gave a hammer, how can we begin to
make that shift happen.    (04)

Personally, I find the 3-D farming on the west coast of India
to be something of an inspiration. They grow most of their 
food in the trees, bushes, shrubs, climbing vines, ground
crops, and root crops. (Hence "3-D". Note the 7 different levels.
They actually have 9, since they have coconut trees towering
over everything.)    (05)

Small cottage industries provide the little extra they need, so
other than an hour or two a day, they are entirely self-sufficient.
All in all, it sounds like a pretty good balance.    (06)

The really nice thing about 3-D farming is that you're surrounded
by trees, and there is no planting or tilling to be done. Harvesting,
too, is matter of doing a little every day (to eat), so it's a pretty
low-maintenance endeavor.    (07)

Now then. MY idea is create a foundation which accepts gifts of 
land. It then "rents" that land in perpetuity to folks who will
do 3-D farming on it, so long as they pay the taxes, and do the
upkeep. It probably makes sense to have a "cottage industry" as
a requirement, as well, since the goal is to move people out of
the major economic channels.    (08)

[Also, the goal would be to build community. So bits of land
close to one another would be best, and some sort of community
building activity could be a requirement.]    (09)

The way I see it "economic growth" is a never-ending treadmill
that makes housing costs and rents go up and up and up. That
foundation could start moving people off the treadmill.    (010)

If people get tax deductions for donating a car, there must be
a great break for gifts of land. And in today's society, with
so many folks living to old age with next to no family, willing
one's land to a community-focused foundation would, over the
long haul, accrete sizable portions of real estate.    (011)

[The only remaining requirement is a board to run the foundation.]    (012)

That's MY idea, you pea-brained son of a foul-mouthed, bad-breath
:_)    (013)