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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] An approach to a simpler truth.

Graham Stalker-Wilde wrote:
> Nietzsche's version of karma (the eternal recurrence) is delightfully non
> religious.
> If we reincarnated based on past performance that would perhaps make us
> behave well, if we believed it, if we behaved rationally, but if we knew
> this was our one and only life? If we knew every moment was unrepeatable?
> How well ought we to behave then?
> -g
My own personal church is the Church of This Is It.  It really isn't
important whether it is true or not or whether you believe it.  Just
look for points in life where you were really "in the zone".  When I am
in church, I’m really with it.   Sometimes it is terrifying
(Korea Dec '53 firefight), (1961 motorcycle wreck head-on into a Chevy)
and sometimes beautiful (birth of first daughter) and other times beyond
description (no mind there to describe it) Pre-Olympic sailboat race
(wind-weather-water-will all one) beat world champion by 2 boat lengths.    (01)

Lately I find I can attend services simply by declaration..."This Is It!"
Oddly enough this works even when waiting in line somewhere, which for most
people definitely is not it.    (02)

With regards to Reincarnation I have my own theory.  (Wouldn't you just
know it)?  First of all we talk about coming back later as a ___________.
Fill in the blank.  One possible trap in this statement is the word “later”.
If it is later, then you never really left.  Time is a part of our world
perhaps created to support linier thinking.  Without time, there can be no
cause and effect, no judgments, no knowledge of right and wrong, etc.
With time one is removed from eternity (the eternal now)
I have a suspicion that time was the forbidden fruit in Eden.    (03)

WAIT, I’m way off track.  Back to topic one.    (04)

If dying involves going beyond time then reincarnation can be any time in
the past, present or future.  How many of us would we need to be to
populate a world if that were so?   Answer…ONE.   That’s me all over.    (05)

And you wonder why I help others on the freeway?   Now when Jesus say
love your enemy, it makes sense.  And so on (usw, etc.)    (06)

And also why when I am in “IT” there is a sense of oneness.  Perhaps it is
like the Sufi speak.    (07)

There is nothing for you to learn, everything for you to remember.    (08)