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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] First S.F. Chronicle article on trans fats

Hi Eric,

Yes, there are a few "fairly independent operations" out there,  but I don't think they are having much impact,  preaching as they do to the converted.

No doubt you're right about the Chronicle. But most of the "major" "influential" papers in the country--at least the ones I know of (and even the vast majority of the big city papers which simply influence millions of locals, like the Cleveland Plain Dealer or the St. Louis Post Dispatch), lean heavily to the right.

Even  the work of independent journalists that I've sometimes posted to unrev from the Times are more "the exception that proves the rule." The Times is hardly a liberal paper, though to even attempt some occasional balanced coverage gets it labeled that--as the press is generally--by the right.

Still, I agree with you that a free press are our best hope of yet retaining anything of what might be left of democracy in this country.

a Gary

Eric Armstrong wrote:
Gary Richmond wrote:

But it seems to me that the press is pretty much in the pockets--I mean,
downright owned--by the capitalist foxes.
It seems to me that a lot of Americans are fairly brainwashed by a very
conservative press. The foxes own the chicken coop!

Hey, Gary.

I need a photo to keep straight who's who.

In general, I agree. I think it's true for the major papers, owned by
the mega corps. The S.F. Chronicle would appear to be a fairly
independent operation, though, as witnessed by their series of articles,
beginning with the one below.

Just came across this article the S.F. Chronicle
ran on trans fats.