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[ba-unrev-talk] Got a Hammer?

"Unless you do very little work online, the concept of weaving all of
your activity into a single web page couldn't be more misguided - from
an efficiency and effectiveness standpoint."    (01)

erythingLooksLikeABrowser.html    (02)

IMO, the WWW is simply not a collaborative medium. It is hard to imagine
shoehorning all manner of human interaction into a web page.(?) It just
doesn't make sense. Rather, a rich -intermodal- collaborative Internet
client is a far more natural, social and human (humane?) approach.     (03)

Developers targeting the WWW for collaboration are chasing the dragon.     (04)

Considering the 'browser' as the least common denominator for seamless,
ad hoc, global collaboration and community is also foolhardy.    (05)

-jtm    (06)